The Key to Drive Conversions to Online and In-Store: Personalization

How to boost conversions to your online and in-store? Read this article and discover why personalization is the key to drive conversions!

Recently, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal under the name – Why can’t a store be more like a website?

We can all agree that the ultimate goal is for consumers to spend as much time examining the physical stores as they examine the online stores. The thinking goes that the more time consumers spend on a website or in a store, the more likely they are to become buyers and loyal customers.

While this might be true for physical stores, the logic doesn’t apply to the online stores, and especially on mobile. The businesses know that most of their traffic today come from mobile and only one-third from a desktop.

The businesses, brands, and department stores have simply a long way to go before they show the right products to the right type of people, they are not just showing everyone everything. In other words, it is not just making physical stores like websites, but making physical stores, apps, and websites more like a warm home.

This means the businesses should move to another level called personalization. We are already seeing brands, businesses, and retailers demonstrating this approach and as we can notice the early signs and results look promising. When you walk into a store, you need to get the feeling that these are the perfect places for you to relax, browse, and converse with no specific plan. The best thing is that you don’t feel a pressure at all.

There are a few aspects to these new experiences:

  • The environment is peaceful and most importantly on the customer’s term. Now it is more an environment where you can spend time in and not just a shopping environment.
  • The shopping experience makes a customer feel like he or she is in their own home. It is completely natural.
  • There is a minimal conflict to this new experience – someday delivery, shipping, free returns, and etc.

Usually, most of these new experiences exist in physical stores and in the offline world, however, there are huge opportunities for them to develop on mobile and online as well. The future of retail in online and in the offline world is personalization, attention to details, and comfort.

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