4 Tips for Improving Your Site’s Overall User Experience

In 2017 literally anyone can design and create their own website considering the plethora of available tools available to them. Does this mean that you should do it, or anyone for that matter? Not necessarily… but regardless if you decide to do it on your own, or to outsource it to professional designers and developers, there are certain things that can literally ruin your efforts no matter how hard you try.

The following are 4 common mistakes that can indeed affect your online business.

  1. Varying your styles on the same website

In order for you and your site to be considered and perceived as professional, you need to keep a consistent style throughout the entire theme. This refers mostly to the colors, and the typography used on your pages. It’s pretty annoying to have one font on your green home page and another one on your blue contact page.

Just be consistent and make your main theme and typography universal for all individual pages on your site.

  1. Strange Menu Tabs

If a visitor can’t understand how to navigate through our website you’re in a bad spot. This not only affects the perceived brand value, it also contributes to higher bounce rates that can affect your site’s rankings.


Just make it simple. Simple enough so that a 7-year-old girl would understand it. Follow this advice and you won’t make a mistake.

  1. Static Logo without hypertext link

Yes, visitors usually expect when they click your logo to be redirected to your homepage. This one small mistake can cost you a fortune as many experts claim that the number of people using the logo as a way to get to the homepage is staggering.

A friend of mine measured this with months and came to the conclusion that 36% of all her visitors click the logo to get to the first page.

So just do it. It’ll take 1min to do it anyway…

  1. Image and Video Size

If you use big image and video files, your site will load as snail, even if you host them on a CDN. Visitor’s patience is very low nowadays. Make sure that you compress all your static files and make them as small as possible.

The faster your page loads – the better.

That’s it! Just follow these 4 Tips and you’ll improve your conversions immensely. Let me know if you have any comments or questions!

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